studio IVY, Anniversary nude photo sessions for women. Photographers are exclusively female. Photo studio made for women, by women
studio IVY, Anniversary nude photo sessions for women. Photographers are exclusively female. Photo studio made for women, by women

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Q.1 What's the difference between studio IVY and other studios?
studio IVY is a women-only photo studio operated by women for women, fully dedicated in shooting anniversary nudes. All staff and photographers are females in their 30’s and 40’s, so you can fully relax during the entire photo session.TOP ↑
Q.2 How do you handle customer's photo data?
We take every precautions to handle you precious data with the utmost care. As a rule, any data taken will be deleted in the month following the photo shooting. Nevertheless, in case you're still worried for any reason, we will delete the data in front of you after the photo shooting. Please contact us in advance if you have any further questions.TOP ↑
Q.3 Do I have to be completely naked during the photo session?
Of course not. In case you would like to take semi-nude portraits, you could be wearing lingerie or simply wrap yourself in a veil or piece of cloth.​ ​TOP ↑
Q.4 When should I book my photo shoot?
We recommend you place your reservation one week prior to the photo shooting. Please be aware that campaign and holiday seasons might be busier than usual.TOP ↑
Q.5 Tell me more about the photographers.
At studio IVY, we make use of our deep lighting knowledge and communication skills to capture your beauty with simple black and white backgrounds.  Currently, only female photographers who have passed rigorous tests after training are active. We also make a point in creating art pieces while actively listening to your wishes.TOP ↑
Q.6 What kind of customers usually come to your studio?
Besides customers expecting breast cancer surgery, many women from various ages ( 20's to 70's) and backgrounds, all driven by the same motivation being "I want to keep memories of this present instant" come visit us. All of them also have a strong sense of "美" (Beauty). Statistically speaking, most of our customers are women in their 30's or 40's.TOP ↑
Q.7 What kind of photos do you take?
At studio IVY, we always make a point in taking exclusively nude / semi nude artistic and stylish portraits. Before the shooting, we will review your desired directions together with the photographer and coordinator so the pictures taken perfectly meet your wishes. If you have any specific image in mind, please feel free to email us the details in advance.TOP ↑
Q.8 Do you provide outfits and/or accessories?
We provide a variety of cloths, veils and artificial flowers at our studio. However, do not hesitate to bring your favorite items, such as lingerie pieces or even full outfits or costumes. You can change outfits within the shooting time determined by the plan you've chosen. In case of our Basic Plan (50 minutes), you can at least usually shoot a couple of styles, including full nude.TOP ↑
Q.9 Are there any car parks available?
There is a coin parking located nearby our building.TOP ↑
Q.10 Can I use my credit card?
We accept VISA, MASTER, American Express, JCB, DinersClub and Discover. (Single installment only)TOP ↑
Q.11 Can I bring my pets along?
Pets are unfortunately not allowed in our building.
Thank you for your understanding.TOP ↑
Q.12 Are there any other charges than the flat plan?
There are no other additional charges than the flat plan. Options such as Makeup and Hair styling or products such as panels are strictly optional.TOP ↑
Q.13 Do you provide makeup and hair styling options?
During the photo session, simple retouches such as adjusting your bangs are included, but full-fledged makeup and hair styling are not. If you would like complete makeup and hair styling, please contact us so we can separately place a reservation at our partner salon located almost next to our studio. (Please come directly to the salon about 1 to 2 hours before the shooting time.)TOP ↑
Q.14 Do you handle couple photo shootings?
Male guests are allowed to accompany you, but our policy doesn't allow us to have you both shoot together. Thank you for your understanding.TOP ↑
Q.15 What kind of outfits do you recommend?
We reckon your favorite items, color and general designs will in the end look best on you. Wearing lingerie will allow you to clearly show your body lines. Besides, you can also show a totally different atmosphere in full nude situation by adjusting your poses. Please do not hesitate to bring your favorite scarfs, accessories, shoes, etc.TOP ↑
Q.16 Can I shoot while wearing shoes?
Yes, you can bring your favorite pair of shoes (high-heeled shoes included) and we will gladly help you with posing and matching it with your outfit and the general picture atmosphere.TOP ↑
Q.17 Are there any cancellation fees?
◆ About cancellation fees ◆
If you contact us 8 days in advance:​ ​No charge
If you contact us from 7 days to 3 days in advance:​ ​20% of the total price
If you contact us from 2 days to 15:00 the day before:​ ​​ ​30% of the total price
If you contact us the day before 15:00 during business hours:​ ​80% of the total price
If you contact us after business hours the day before:​ ​100% of the total price

◆ About reservation change fees ◆
If you contact us the day before 15:00:​ ​No charge
If you contact us the day after 15:00  during business hours:​ ​30% of the total price
If you contact us after business hours the day before:​ ​50% of the total price TOP ↑
Q.18 What are the business hours?
Reception hours are from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM every Tuesday to Sunday. Our studio is closed on Mondays except on the occasion of public holidays.TOP ↑


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Access to the studio
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