studio IVY, Anniversary nude photo sessions for women. Photographers are exclusively female. Photo studio made for women, by women
studio IVY, Anniversary nude photo sessions for women. Photographers are exclusively female. Photo studio made for women, by women


About studio IVY

About studio IVY

What is studio IVY

studio IVY is a photo studio  made by women, for women. If you ever happen to have one of the following thoughts :
"I want you to take professional and stylish pictures"
"I want to crystalize my present beauty in the future"
"I want to keep memories of this moment"
"I want to discover still unknown sides of myself through photography"
"I need something to help me maintain my diet and workout motivation"
"I want to reward myself with professional grade photo art"
Then this photo studio is made for you.

Our staff members, as well as photographers are exclusively women.
Our gentle and kind staff from our maternity specialized sister studio​ ​"Happy Birth Photo Studio"
will be glad to assist you throughout the whole process.
(In case you would like to place a reservation or simply come visit the studio, please contact us by phone, e-mail or via our online inquiry or reservation forms.)

In other regular studios, although dozen of cuts are taken,
you can unfortunately only make your selection among very few of them in the end.
Furthermore, there are only very few places where you can safely take nude pictures.
All picture data taken in our studio
will be remitted on DVD after the shooting.
Please be assured we will be keeping your data safe, and will make sure to erase it one month after the photo session.
You can also immediately delete your data if you wish. (In that case, please be sure to consult us in advance.)

※ In addition, we will refuse to accept requests overly erotic or dirty. If any of those wishes were to be expressed during the photo session, we will immediately interrupt it and you may be consequently asked to leave the premices.
In addition, we will immediately notify the authorities in case inquiries of obscene purpose.

Studio featured points

◆ Female photographers and staff members are exclusively in charge of our studio.
◆ If desired, your shooting data can be directly erased from the camera / computer immediately after the photo shoot.
◆ You can change clothes within the shooting time designed in the plan you've chosen.
◆ You can pose along with your favorite outfits and items.
◆ We engage ourselves in taking every required measures to protect your privacy.
◆ We categorically refuse to shoot male customers. Thank you for your understanding.


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